Updates on October Spay/ Neuter Camp


Starting with Thank you to all the donors who have been supporting the monthly Spay/ Neuter Camps and to Help Animals India for working hard in raising funds. We organised this camp on 24 & 25 October with our team includes Dr Vinod (came from Kolkata) and Vijay the super all rounder from Ranchi. We operated 17 Females, they all are doing great and they are back in the community.

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August – September Spay Neuter Camp


Another good day for our Animal friends of Varanasi, Animal lovers are making use of our camps and their blessings from the bottom of their heart is helping us improve our facility day by day – We are hearing good stories about the spread of message to All these animal lovers about our camps and they are all so happy and overjoys. Thanks to Help Animals India for having their exclusive facility in Varanasi. We are also happy to tell you that we got 25 Spaying surgery kits for Varanasi out of these 25 – one was sponsored by Graham from US who visited us last month and donated a lot of supplies. We operated 14 Females and 4 Males in this camp and August we had 20 Females operated. Once again thank you to the donors who are continuing their support to Varanasi through Help Animals India. http://www.helpanimals.org

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September Updates-

July 2015 – Monthly ABC Camp


So we operated 16 dogs – all females – Thanks to Mala Mam – who alone sponsored transportation of 15 dogs – Mala Mam donated Rs. 4500/- and Mr Rakesh Majumdar Rs. 3000/- Also very big Thank you to Help Animals India – This is a wonderful start and hope lots and lots of people join hands. We were very happy for the visits – take a look of our group and Centre pictures.
Help Animals India sponsored monthly ABC camp pictures and updates can be seen here

Updates on Spay/ Neuter camp organised on 15 April 2015


Mrs. Abha Singh of ” Aashray for Sick & Helpless Animals” successfully hosted yet another Varanasi for Animals organised and Help Animals India funded dog Animal Birth Control Camp with the kind assistance of HOPE & Animal’s support.

We successfully spayed 21 female & neutered 2 male dogs in these two days. All the dogs recovered well & released back in their respective territories. One female community dog was brought by a school parent!

Besides 23 ABC the Vet also performed an eye operation to a ‘cherry eyed” dog in front of Mrs Abha Singh’s house who was suffering for a long time.

A Jersey cow had her tibia ( hind leg) broken & she has been lifted up with the help of straps along a tree & iron pipes. All thanks to the school staff of Mrs Singh,around 12 persons slogged for 2-3 hours to lift the 300 kg cow with straps & also rested her midrif on tables with thick mattress. Lot of massage & medication going on. Pray she survives this long phase & her bones gets joined & she gets on her four legs.

Thank you all to your compassionate support, to contribute to future camps please do so through www.helpanimalsindia.org/donate

Spay/ Neuter Camp – October 2014


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<strong>Varanasi, October 10, 2014</strong> – Please join us – We have been conducting these spaying and vaccination camps again and again – Please request Government to support us and support the program. These camps are run with the help of individual donations.

These camps are creating awareness amongst people and we all are putting all our hard work to get everyone involved in making the difference.

Please give your support and we will try our best! http://www.helpanimalsindia.org/donate