“Treasure” finally receives family planning…


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Varanasi, June 14, 2014 – Imagine you are taking care of a community “street” dog in India however there is no vet available when she needs to receive family planning! Ms. Bhawana of Varanasi writes about her beloved dog: “Here is Treasure and for the last four years she has been given birth to puppies every year outside the flat of the caretaker. Everytime I used to take care of them of initially for 3-4 months but as they start moving out of my house they were either thrown away from my apartment or were poisoned. But thanks God now she has been sterilized by Varanasi for Animals camp and is fine now.”

Kudos to the Ranchi HOPE and Animal team, Dr Upendra, Mr Nandan and Mr Sunil. And a big thanks to the Varanasi For Animals group, Ms Bhawana, Ayushee, and Niketan.

The team was able to operate 6 females and 4 Males on June 13 and 14, 2014.

At this camp we were able to help a few animals while thousands continue to suffer. Imagine the trauma a female dog gets when she is followed by 15 + male dogs – when she is in heat. And then caring and raising her pups without any support.

We are starting these spaying and vaccination camps again after a year long absence due to lack of funds and cooperation. Please give your support and we will try our best! http://www.helpanimalsindia.org/donate


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