Updates on Spay/ Neuter camp organised on 15 April 2015


Mrs. Abha Singh of ” Aashray for Sick & Helpless Animals” successfully hosted yet another Varanasi for Animals organised and Help Animals India funded dog Animal Birth Control Camp with the kind assistance of HOPE & Animal’s support.

We successfully spayed 21 female & neutered 2 male dogs in these two days. All the dogs recovered well & released back in their respective territories. One female community dog was brought by a school parent!

Besides 23 ABC the Vet also performed an eye operation to a ‘cherry eyed” dog in front of Mrs Abha Singh’s house who was suffering for a long time.

A Jersey cow had her tibia ( hind leg) broken & she has been lifted up with the help of straps along a tree & iron pipes. All thanks to the school staff of Mrs Singh,around 12 persons slogged for 2-3 hours to lift the 300 kg cow with straps & also rested her midrif on tables with thick mattress. Lot of massage & medication going on. Pray she survives this long phase & her bones gets joined & she gets on her four legs.

Thank you all to your compassionate support, to contribute to future camps please do so through www.helpanimalsindia.org/donate


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