Be part of Varanasi for Animals! 

Paypal donations from anywhere worldwide can made be via   Help Animals India website.   For USA donors it is tax deductible.  Please specify your donation as being for Varanasi’s animals in the paypal field or a follow up email.  100% of your donation will be used for Varanasi animals and a receipt will be sent back to you.    You can find Paypal details of  Help Animals India here. 

Email us @ or

If you find a sick or injured animal please contact:

91705 75230 or 73798 45071 (What’sApp Number) or 9431171929

Varanasi for Animals Clinic – Near Padav on Sahupuri Road, Chanditara Mode next to Bakhra Village
It’s a on road facility

Varanasi – 221001



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  1. Recently returned from India. Absolutely horrified about the street dogs in Varanassi. They were in appaling conditions – so glad I found out about your organisation that is doing something for these lovely animals. I have written to India tourism and a few welfare organisations as well. Is there anyone else I can write to so that they can assist with the good work you are doing.

  2. Thank you VaranasiforAnimals. I will continue to donate, you are making a wonderful difference in the world – I am proud to be associated with you even if only in a small way.

  3. keep up the good work……i wud love to volunteer u guys
    varanasi animals really need a helping hand to love them ,care them and most important some1 to treat them

  4. Dear friends and collegues

    i am happy to find you.
    We Have here of my three female dogs over 14 puppies

    please contact me for treatment and injection date .
    Thanks alot

    Lucy S

  5. Currently visiting Varanasi from New Zealand here til the fifth Jan. In India till the 17th. Donating to help animals India. Sooooo sad seeing the animals left to fend for themselves.keep up the good work. When I return to New Zealand will try to spread the message of help needed

  6. Hi there…
    I have just arrived in benares…coming from rishikesh…ans i have Seen mainly
    Dick dogs in the Streets and in the gaths
    I mean dogs…in a real Bad condition.
    Is your animal rescue still Working in the City?!

  7. Big applause to your work first of all. its really a topic of concern, animals condition in varanasi is bad enough actually evrywhere not only in this city.😔 I want to be a part of your work and want to contribute my time helping these animals .

  8. Big applause to your work first of all. Its really a topic of concern,animals condition in varanasi is bad enough actually everywhere not only in dis city or country.😔 i want to be a part of your work and want to contribute my time helping these animals

  9. I contacted the centre late one evening about a puppie who was very ill. I’d also sent an email earlier that same day about another dog in distress having what looked like to be a growth on his snout that had been bashed open and was very infected. To be honest I didn’t expect that I would have much of a response however Sundilip answered and arranged to meet me the next morning. He organised for the dog to be taken to the vet hospital for treatment and has been in regular contact with me since I left informing of his progress and even sending me pics of the surgery 🙂
    He has also planning to pick up another dog from moghulsarai whom has lost his paw recently.
    I’m so impressed and greatful for the service and committment by Sundilip and his team and I hope everyone who comes accross animals in need contact the centre but also offer support whether it be by volunteering or donating.
    Thanks Varanasi for Animals

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