003Thank you for helping us!

All donations large and small really do make a difference. We saved the life of this pup and your support ensures we can continue to save the lives of thousands like him making India a better place for all creatures.

We accept donations through Hope and Animal and Help Animals India. We can accept donations in a number of ways:

Tax deductible Donations within INDIA :
Check or Direct bank debit from any bank in India to A/c – “HOPE & Animal Trust” in Canara Bank – Doranda Branch – Ranchi – Jharkhand India.

Foreign Contributions under FCRA- INDIA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act):
Bank transfer from out of India to our Certified Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act-1976 Bank Account by Government of India- Bank A/c name – “Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust”  with Union Bank of India – Doranda Branch – Ranchi – Jharkhand India.

Tax deductible Donations through Help Animals India, USA:
Please make your cheque out to “Help Animals India” and write “Varanasi for Animals’ on the memo line of the cheque and address it to Help Animals India, 19215 32nd Avenue, N.E. Seattle, WA 98155 USA

You can find bank and paypal details of  Help Animals India here.