What can you do to help?SAMSUNG

–         Become a volunteer

Offer your voluntary services to help Varanasi’s animals. Help us with fundraising, publicity, awareness raising, rescue and rehabilitating animals.

–         Become a sponsor/donor

Did you know that for as little as Rs 100 we can provide rabies vaccination to a dog?

Did you know that for Rs 625 (US$ 12 or € 9) we can spay and vaccinate a dog, and create a smaller, healthier dog population?

And did you know that for Rs 1000 (US$ 18 or € 15) we can rescue a sick or injured animals and nurse it back to health?

Find out how you can financially support our life saving work in Varanasi  here. 

Praveen–         Become an organizational or corporate partner

Are you with a club or NGO? Then team up with us to promote public health and animal welfare in Varanasi! Together we can be the change we want to see if Varanasi.

As a social responsible company promote our work by providing supportive services, publicity and/or funds. By doing so you send a powerful message to your customers and employees that you support and care about animals in Varanasi.