VFA opens rescue shelter in Varanasi


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March 28, 2013 – Another good news! VFA today opened a rescue shelter for injured and sick dogs on the outskirts of Varanasi. The shelter can house up to 15 dogs.

The shelter is maintained by vet technicians Subhash and Vinod. Already five injured dogs are enjoying the good services at our shelter. Apart from treatment, the two staff make sure the dogs receive nutritious food and a daily dose of TLC!


VFA opens clinic in Assi Ghat


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February 28, 2013 – A dream comes true….today Varanasi for Animals opened a clinic in Assi Ghat. The clinic will act as a focus point for our welfare activities for Varanasi’s suffering animals, as well as a means to raise funds and become independent.

The clinic is located only a stone’s throw from the river Ganga, just before entering the ghat. The clinic will be manned by manager Jayakrishnan P.K. and vet technician Subhash. Consultant veterinarians Dr. Ajay Singh and Dr. Vinod Jaiswal will be on call to help with complicated cases and surgeries.

The clinic is well equipped with an Xray machine and dark room, fridge, surgical tables, autoclave, etc.

Please download our poster here.

VFA organises dog health camp at Assi Ghat


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January 5, 2013 – Today Varanasi for Animals, with the support of Hope & Animal, Ashray for Animals and Animal Nepal, organised a health camp for dogs at the holy city’s famous Assi Ghat. Dr Ajay Singh and Oqaish Murtaza treated a number of dogs and conducted four spaying surgeries at a makeshift surgery room cum holding area.

The camp faced a number of problems, including extremely cold weather and logistical delays. One dog developed an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia and could not undergo surgery. However, as it was our first official camp, we consider it to be a very useful experience.

Facebook and Polio, two of the dogs who underwent surgery, stayed at the makeshift holding area and were kept warm with carpets and jute bags. They were bouncing with energy in the morning, and happy to return to their ‘home’ in front of Ashish Guest house.

We like to thank all organisations, veterinarians and volunteers involved!

Take action now!


Varanasi is a city without State supported humane dog management. Despite many requests, Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) has yet to introduce Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies (ABC/AR). This despite that the fact that VMC has a vehicle and dog catchers. Instead unscientific activities are carried out to ‘manage’ stray dogs.

VMC also ignores the fact that ABC/AR has been successfully pioneered in Varanasi.

Take action now!

Sign this petition and send an email to mcvns1@gmail.com addressed to Mr Rajendra Prasad Singh, Municipal Commissioner at the Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC). Please find a sample email below. You can also send him a fax at 0542-2284355 or sms at 9415324445.

Sample email/fax:

Dear Mr Singh,

Despite many requests, VMC has yet to introduce humane stray dog management or Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies (ABC/AR). Although your organisation has a vehicle and dog catchers, no scientific effort is made to create a reduced, healthy dog population. VMC also ignores the fact that ABC/AR has been successfully pioneered in Varanasi by a genuine organisation, HOPE (Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust) .

I kindly request you to immediately end any ineffective and inhumane dog management activity and to introduce ABC/AR in your city.

Signed, etc.

Varanasi Unites for Animals


Welcome to Varanasi for Animals! We are a non-profit initiative by a group of animal lovers and campaigners who want to make a difference in the lives of animals living on the streets of Varanasi.

First of all, meet the two and four legged animals of Varanasi!